The Society of Nigeria Theatre Artists (SONTA) is an organisation of Nigeria theatre, culture, media arts  and Film scholars/professionals. The bulk of its members are researching and teaching theatre, culture, film and media arts in Nigerian Universities and Colleges of Education that offer theatre, media arts, film and cultural studies. This body has existed since 1982 championing quality curricula, research and promotion of academic discourse and robust practice in the areas of theatre, media, film and culture. SONTA's research interests has over the years revolved around the use of theatre, culture, film and the new media in facilitating sustainable democracy, peace building, moral and technological development in Africa.
SONTA’s membership includes all institutions and individuals practicing, teaching and researching theatre, film and the media arts in Nigeria.  By implication, all Federal, State and private Universities and Colleges of Education offering the subject of theatre, film, media arts and cultural studies are registered members of SONTA. The Society is equally a member of other International Theatre, Culture and Communication Societies such as the UNESCO sponsored International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC), International Theatre Institute (ITI), and the African Theatre Association (AfTA). SONTA has established academic contacts and exchanges with Universities in Canada, U.S.A, UK, Germany and several Asian countries. The Society has had over 23 Annual General Meetings (AGM) across the country, produced quality academic books and journals in the field of theatre and film studies since inception.


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